July 21, 2021

Feature Announcement: Product Relations

Supercharge your cross sell email marketing and digital advertising tactics with our new product relations feature. Available on all our Growth+ plans

Some products we know just go together: milk & cookies, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, shampoo & conditioner. In other cases we know products go together, we just don’t know yet that they go together.

To reduce the guessing, we’d like to announce our latest feature: Product relations, our most advanced module built for product combos, cross-sells, and replenishment.

Product relations helps you find cross-sell opportunities for any of your products, with a one-click solution to get your best combination.

You can get started with the Product Relations report by

  1. Identifying your top 3 products by sales volume
  2. Review cross-sell suggestions for each
  3. Use the optimal replenishment cycle of top selling products to design well-timed campaigns to encourage early repurchase and reminders

For example, we found that on our top selling product, led to 10.8% of customers making second and third complimentary purchases.

Action 👉 Create a segment of customers who purchase your top selling product (under My Segments)

Action 👉 Sync the newly created segment into your email marketing platform and Facebook Ads to cross sell the products highlighted as likely to be purchased along with your top selling product

Action 👉 Create a discount or bundle offer for customers to purchase all 3x products together to increase your Average Order Value.

We’re incredibly excited to add Product relations to our growing suite of advanced product insights, along with our Product journey feature that surfaces what your customers buy on their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd orders. We hope these features continue to give you a competitive edge in nurturing direct relationships with your customers.

Reach out if you have any questions about Product Relations or anything data or Shopify related. Our Customer Success team loves to chat!