Grow Your Business With Data.

Tresl connects your business with data science when you need it most.
We give you immediate access to strategy and insights so your engineers can continue to #ship.

How can we help?

Our clients have data superpowers.

We’ve worked the analytics gamut with our clients, from identifying growth with marketplace dynamics to forecasting demand based on social media signals. Every business is unique and we work with each one to unlock their potential to leverage data.

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We help you find your own magic.


Basic building blocks like tracking, an RDBMS, and ETL are the foundation to data-informed decision-making. We're ready to wrangle with your systems and recommend the best tools for the job.


You've got questions, we've got answers. We'll get you access to timely insights via KPIs and reporting, and deep-dive into areas where we think you can improve. You can only improve what you measure.


Machine learning is your secret weapon to improving internal processes as well as enhancing your product. We'll apply the best approach to your problem, whether it's a simple regression or deep learning.

Core Team

John Chao

John Chao

Chief Data Scientist

With 20,000+ hours of data science & predictive modeling experience, John knows what success looks like and has hands-on experience in helping companies build towards their goals and aspirations. John is a firm believer in the human element of data science and analytics in business.

Tony Yin

Tony Yin

Chief Product Scientist

Tony has 7+ years of data analysis and engineering experience, spanning everything from building backend services, to web interfaces, to ETL pipelines. Tony is passionate about the customer experience and solving their problems with amazing products.