May 10, 2021

Get the Boss Onboard. Make selling Segments Easier.

Love Segments? Need to convince the boss? Here’s a few tips to get the boss over the line.

We see it happen all the time: You’ve installed Segments and love the many prebuilt customers segments based on your Shopify data. You realize the immense value of syncing these segments into Klaviyo and your performance marketing channels but convincing your boss is proving to be a challenge.

They may be wondering if Segments is worth your company’s time and investment. You can put your manager’s thoughts and concerns at ease by clearly demonstrating the value of Segments and how it can supercharge ecommerce growth.

Before you approach your boss, you’ll probably want to have a plan around how Segments can help.  Consider these talking points when you meet with your boss to discuss upgrading to a Segments plan:

1. Audience sync with Klaviyo, Google and Facebook Ads

Segments syncs directly with Klaviyo and you can easily export Segments data to Google and Facebook Ads to target the right customer with the right message. Don’t forget negative matching audiences to limit wasted ad spend.

  • Saving media cost across Google & FB Ads via negative matching
  • Enabling 1:1 advertising based on your Shopify data

The savings from a targeted ad campaign to audiences from Segments will pay for the app many times over. Read how Ilia Beauty increased revenue with Segments

2. Product Combo analysis

Segments product combo reports provides valuable product insights to merchandising, sales and marketing teams

  • Helps your product team understand which products are purchased (what products help sell others (Cross Sell report). Helps with setting up On Site Best Seller lists as well)
  • Helps you / your marketing team set up accurate product cross / up sell email marketing flows and performance marketing ads

3. Replenishment Analysis

Our replenishment analysis provides valuable insights into which products / collection to the highest repeat purchase and great repurchase frequency

  • This report is absolutely key for new collection launches and for the merchandising / buying teams to plan their next buying cycle
  • Assists your marketing teams to feature top sellers with the knowledge that the user is highly likely to purchase something in addition other than the featured product

4. Dedicated resources on Enterprise plan

Dedicated access to a data scientist who can build custom reports is the deal winner for me personally. Highly invaluable service for future scale.

Finally, consider sharing testimonials from our clients with your boss to help convey benefits and opportunities