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Page Load Time "Sweet Spot"

Jan 22, 2019

Fancy themes look great. Fancy popups may capture a few more emails. But if your site takes a long time to load, you’re going to lose out on way more potential customers and revenue than if you keep your virtual storefront lean. We did a pseudo meta-analysis of various articles and blog posts [1] about page load times, and concluded that the page load time sweet spot is 3 seconds (as in, stay under this time!).

Customer Lifetime Value

Jan 14, 2019

One of the holy grail metrics for any business is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV, aka LTV). With sufficient data, you can place a dollar value for any of your customers, no matter what purchase funnel stage they are in, and consequently prioritize your actions based on it. The more data you have the more you can segment your customers which leads to a more accurate measure of CLV — for example, customers from different channels like Facebook ads or Google organic search; could have drastically different values.

Backing Up Your Shopify Data

Jan 6, 2019

Shopify has a great ecommerce platform, but they are still a single point of failure for a possible catastrophic data loss that wipes out all record of what you’ve built in your store and business. (Or worse, arbitrary censorship or other obscure reasons for kicking you off their platform 🙈.) In the event the unthinkable happens, you will want to be able to reconstruct your business history and not lose all of the valuable data and learnings.

Building a serverless, on-demand data science solution

Apr 26, 2018

We partnered with DataBlade (DB) this year to build out a serverless data science solution for one of our clients’ main business needs, revenue forecasting. In this post I will discuss our architecture for the final product and how we overcame some implementation obstacles.


Apr 26, 2018

This post discusses the high level tech stack decisions for our first product Segments by Tresl, and how we got there.

Crossing Your Data Science Chasm

Mar 19, 2018

Scenario — You’re an up-and-coming ecommerce/SaaS startup. You’ve got your site up, you’ve A/B tested your message, and you’ve got your SEO and social ad buy. You’ve got your email drip campaign and reminders. You also have basic BI reporting telling you channel traffic and conversions. Traffic is decent, and revenue is growing. It’s likely that you are in the initial growth phase, you’re flying on skates and business is booming. You think you’ve found your voice; you’re expanding; you’re reinvesting for more growth; you’re going big on marketing… things seem to be going great for a while.